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Walk the line: Poet Annemarie Ní Churreáin on the spoken word and bringing light to dark histories

I grew up in the Gaeltacht boglands of northwest Donegal. As a child I’d stand outside my front door and shout downhill to my friend Danny who lived a few bogs away. I’d shout out his name and wait for the echo, syllable by syllable, to arrive at his door. He’d come out shortly [...]

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Poetry Ireland Announces Guest Editor Appointments for 2023

Poetry Ireland is delighted to announce three new guest editors of Poetry Ireland Review for the 2023 publication year, who will each take up editorship of an upcoming issue of the highly-regarded poetry journal. The three guest editors are Maurice Riordan, Spring Issue, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Summer Issue, and Nidhi Zak / Aria Eipe, [...]

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Annemarie Ni Churreáin | Arena

The Poison Glen poetry collection by Annemarie Ní Churreáin explores her native Donegal in the myth of Balor, ancient king of Tory Island and her own family history taking the reader to Castlepollard and the Mother and Baby Home in which her father was born. https://www.rte.ie/radio/radio1/clips/22037127/

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Solas Writer’s Retreat

An immersive weekend of poetry, landscape & stories in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht With Annemarie Ní Churreáin 25th – 27th Feb 2022 The Song House is delighted to present a special weekend retreat for writers of poetry at all levels. Hosted by Donegal poet Annemarie Ní Churreáin, the programme will feature poetry workshops, [...]

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